29 June, 2011

This sorry state of affairs is appalling

We already grow our own tomatoes and pine for them during the interminable non-tomato seasons.
But shrimp? We can't grow our own shrimp. This story is mostly about tomatoes but, toward the end, he speaks of the disgusting shrimp trade practices in Asia, where about 90% of shrimp are now raised. The idea of giving up shrimp makes me so sad. I was practically weaned on shrimp harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. 

10 June, 2011

Not birds

Now we believe maybe a raccoon or squirrel is living in our attic.


Interestingly, the dog seems unconcerned.

09 June, 2011


Well hello, old blog! How's it hangin'?

I realized today that we have put down roots here in this place we still think of as new. What opened my eyes to this state of affairs? In the space of about 90 minutes yesterday afternoon, I had three different drive-by visits.

1. A friend drove over to give us cold beer leftover from a party last weekend. He's a beer Santa.
2. My boss came by to give me some salad greens from her garden. (plus some work, the good with the bad.)
3. A neighbor drove up with some hand-me-downs from her daughter to mine.

Unrelated but on my mind: noisy critters keeping me awake. Last night I woke at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up for awhile and did some work. When I went back to bed I couldn't get to sleep. I kept hearing strange noises. I finally traced it to just outside the house along the north and east walls. I think some damned birds have nested in our gutters. Double-damn.