27 August, 2011

Did I ever tell you about the time

Sugarbear saved the damselfly? Well, earlier this summer, we were hiking at Nymph Lake and just sort of lazing about, lakeside. She happened to notice a spider's web close to the shore. There was a brilliant blue damselfly caught in the web. We assumed the damselfly was dead, but then Sugarbear saw it moving. So she leapt into action.

She gingerly extracted the damselfly and removed all of the sticky webby threads from the fly's body and wings.

In just a few minutes, the damselfly had recovered enough to fly away. Mission accomplished. This must be how Jennifer feels every day!


mr man said...

I'd forgotten how BLUE it was.

Vetmommy said...

Hey, I just caught this post! And I was loving it, even before the shout-out. Yes, it is wonderful to feel you have save a hapless creature. Totally makes up for that woman the other day who told me, after I told her that her dog only required 2 extractions instead of the 3 that were estimated, that she knew I was only there "to put food on my family's table."

Go, Sugarbear! I love Mayflies and Dragonflies, too.