04 May, 2011


Blogging seems so 2005, right? Yet some people still do it beautifully.
I am not one of them.

Two guys names Solomon and Bill are replacing all the windows in our house. They are a little more than halfway done. They started Monday morning. I'm knackered from it. The noise, the intrusion, the disruption to our routine, the re-arranging of everything we own. Which is too much, really. We need to reduce by a third (at least) the crap in this house. At least these guys listen to a decent radio station while they work. A radio station which, it pains me to say, is an "oldies" station, playing all the songs from my high school & early college years. Goddammit.

The windows are wonderful and we are gonna save a crapload of money on heating bills in the winter but I'm sore all over from the stress of it. And I haven't gotten to work out since Saturday. I'm going to try to get a workout done tomorrow.

In other news, do you ever think, as you hear a guy say the same thing over and over again while he's working (ahem...Bill) that this is probably what he says during sex?

Bill: "That's nice. That's really nice. Oh yeah, that's niiiiiiice".


Vetmommy said...

Blogging does seem on the wane, but I still like your style! Like the music, you're an oldie but a goodie!

Sinda said...

That's nice - really nice.

Krispy said...

My friend was telling me that her tile guy was great, except that he came in to use the loo every morning before starting to work. wondering why he couldn't have taken care of business at home? been a little late?

Krispy said...

and new windows are worth the stress. promise.