11 May, 2011


It's gonna open earlier than promised.

See, there is a God. Who answers prayers. Prayers like "Fucking Hell, why doesn't this Sweden-forsaken state have even one fucking IKEA???"

SO very happy, even though I'll have to drive across hell and half of Georgia to get there, metaphorically speaking. Actually it'll be south of Denver. Still though, so happy. I once, on a whim, drove from Austin to Houston in driving rain with a toddler in the car just to get some IKEA crap. So Centennial will be easy in comparison. Right now the nearest IKEA is in Draper, Utah (393 miles away).

I know. I need to calm down.


Vetmommy said...

Congratulations! Who opens on a project earlier than expected? The efficient, organized Swedes, apparently!

peevish said...

Jenn: Right? It wasn't supposed to open until autumn.

Krispy said...

I cannot go in without thinking of you! and I was only thinking, that gosh, the one is Round Rock is always a wee bit farther away than I think it is... every time.

I've just seen the sign for IKEA!
And suddenly I've found, how wonderful a sign can be!
Say it loud and there's a parking spot waiting,
Say it soft and you're already paying.
IKEA, I'll never stop shopping IKEA!

(sung to West Side Story's "Maria.")