30 March, 2011

Thanks for asking!

My leg is getting better fast, thanks. I took it easy yesterday and I think that paid off.

In other news, in no particular order:

1. Mr. Man has turned my kids into Marx Brothers fanatics thanks to Netflix instant streaming.

2. We went to see Rango yesterday. It was way better than I expected, and maybe more fun for adults than for kids.

3. This morning I listened to this Freakonomics podcast about "transpoosions" and I am now obsessed with my gut. Gut, what do you need from me? Just say the word. I'll give it.

4. We bought a digital piano last week. Mr. Man has ordered the same teaching booklets he used as a kid so he can use them to teach our kids how to play. All you people out there with kids and pianos, do you have suggestions for either instruction materials or simple songs?

Now I'm off to stretch this leg.  I'll leave you with the design from a Threadless tee I recently ordered for my kids.

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meno said...

That picture made me smile. Thanks.