22 March, 2011

Ssh, don't jinx it.

Spring is here. There are green things growing. Green buds on the trees, green grass and clover sprouting the yard. There are even chives coming back in the garden. Those are great! There are also robins in trees very close to the windows who awake before dawn and START SINGING. A LOT.

Unfortunately, spring is also a season of wind for us. Summer and winter are usually pretty calm, but spring and autumn are often windy. This complicates a nice bike ride, which I try to work in as often as I can. A couple of weeks ago, the sun was shining and the warmth drew me out and onto my bike for a ride on the greenway. There was a light breeze which seemed just perfect. But about the time I reached my turn around point, the breeze turned into wind. On the way back I was in my low gear (my bike only has 3 gears) and I was pedaling as hard as I could. I felt like I wasn't even moving. The wind was right in my face. Several times I considered just locking my bike up to a fence and walking home. It felt like that would be faster. I was actually envious of the runners I saw, and I HATE RUNNING. But I kept going, told myself I wouldn't die and promised myself a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich when I made it home. My ride took 25 minutes out, and 45 minutes back. That's how hard the wind was blowing. My legs were vapor by the time they got me home.

Besides the ice cream sandwich, I also thought about how we have three micro-breweries with tasting rooms within walking/cycling distance of my house. Next time I need to pack some money.


Susan said...

Now THAT would be a sight to see, that ride home against the wind after a stopover at the microbreweries! Sounds like a must-do event for sure, I would go w/ you if I could!

peevish said...

Susan, it would be way more fun with you.

Krispy said...

Sounds like a very sound plan!