09 March, 2011

Casteller from Mike Randolph on Vimeo.

This video evoked an unexpectedly emotional response in me, much like a flash mob dance video. I think part of my reaction was caused by seeing these little children at the top. Can you imagine sending your child up there? The video is also powerful, I think, because of how primal this exercise seems, a demonstration of what we can do when we all work together.

Side note: In a comment on vimeo, he says the helmets you see on the kids are soft on the outside, so when the kids fall, their helmets don't hurt the people below them.

More of Mike Randolph's photography work here.


Mrs Jones said...

That's a quite extraordinary mental thing to do really, isn't it? But a great example of teamwork. I expect part of the attraction for those watching (apart from seeing how high the towers get, of course) is when the tower collapses. I wonder if there are serious injuries? I can't imagine the Health & Safety nazis in this country allowing anything like this to take place!

peevish said...

Mental, indeed. And I can't imagine it being allowed here, either.

la ninja said...

hi there,

I was wondering how you may have come across this when I got my VSL mail. any chance it got to you that way? ;)

I posted this very same video on my blog months ago. I cried.
I am originally from barcelona, you see. so, if you got an emotional response, I am sure you will understand this ninja gets a tad teary-eyed when watching, right? look at them go; aren't they just the bravest and coolest (not biased or anything...)

these catalan "castells" made it to UNESCO's representative list of the intangible cultural heritage
last november too. how cool is that.

força barça (ahem, sorry londonders, I just got my footie mixed in here :)


la ninja said...

oh yeah (apparently, I hadn't written enough, so I'm briefly back) the helmets are a rather recent addition.
unfortunately health & safety authoritarians abound. everywhere.

peevish said...

la ninja: yes, I did get it via VSL. Intangible cultural heritage, indeed. How you must miss home.


peevish said...

p.s. Ninja, that profile shot, is that taken by you on a bike? Living dangerously, aren't you?

la ninja said...

yup. with no helmet on, mind you ;)

Krispy said...

I also cried, which surprised me greatly. I was watching without sound even and still, the tears came. wow. i thought it was just me.