01 February, 2011

Wintery Weather

Here at the Honeycomb Hideout we are having ourselves a little snow day. It seems strange considering there is very little snow on the ground here at the moment. In some places one can see maybe two inches, mostly less. School was cancelled today due to the cold. That's right, it is so cold they cancelled school. I think the district may have been concerned about kids walking to school in sub-zero temperatures. Yikes.
I keep expecting the ground to be littered with frozen songbirds, dropped from the trees. How do their wee toes not just shatter or snap off? The bird feeders are stocked with seeds and suet but I haven't seen much action out there so far today. Juncos, where are you? Tucked away somewhere a bit less cold, I hope.

So here we are, nice and toasty indoors. Earlier this morning, Mr. Man pointed out a veeery light snow floating softly through the sunshiny air toward the ground. I called it disco snow because it looked like tiny glittery light particles, as tiny as dust. The were only visible because they were so sparkly. I didn't get any photos of the snow falling, it was far too subtle for me to capture. I did get some macro photos of the frost on our dirty window.

The girls are downstairs playing Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii (most beautiful Wii game ever. I love it, and so do they.) while I clean the kitchen after making oatmeal pancakes. Later in the day, we will bake some cookies and and watch the third Happy (oops!) Harry Potter movie. Tonight we may set a new record for low temperature. The forecast says it will reach 20 degrees below zero, or colder. I'm so grateful for shelter, heat, Mr. Man (who makes sure the snow is cleared from the steps and sidewalks), down comforters, hot chocolate, and a Turnip warming my feet. 


Mrs Jones said...

Lovely spidery frost pictures. I may be speaking too soon but, touch wood, our winter is over - daytime temps are up to 10 deg centigrade and snowdrops are in bloom, with daffodils and tulips about 3 inches above the ground. The birds are singing their hearts out - I have a pair of robins visiting for food - and the collared doves are sussing out nesting sites. Within the next few days I shall be sorting through my vegetable seeds to see what needs replacing. Of course, having said all this we'll probably have a tremendous snowstorm!

Krispy said...

we have received your cold snap and would like you to take it back. yesterday: no jackets. today: hats, gloves, scarves and the downy ski jackets.

we have no snow; unless you count downed branches as snow. one almost needs a plow to clear them away. seriously. the kids did driveway clear out before we could leave today.

{Your frost is appropriately stunning.}