02 February, 2011

and another one

Day two for winter weather keeping the kids at home. Yes, it is cold (-15.1 degrees F. as I type) but it is going to warm up a bit more than yesterday. Maybe we'll get up to positive 7! Day two = not as much fun for me as day one. I feel a little sheepish even complaining when places like Chicago are getting slammed with snow, ice and wind.

Also as I type, I'm watching a house finch and a junco fill up their bellies at the feeder. Stayin' alive! Tomorrow we should be back up to 36 degrees or so. That's great news for the birds. 


Krispy said...

complain away. it is cold no matter where you live or what you think you are used to!

peevish said...

I didn't realize I was complaining! Besides, having the kids home for 2 weekdays in a row bothers me way more than the cold.