27 October, 2010

I want to buy a couple things at Vitamin Cottage this morning so I went to their website to see when they open. Here is the answer on their website:

Hours: M-Sat 8:56-8:04 Sun 9:56-6:06

26 October, 2010

25 October, 2010

just in time

PA233279, originally uploaded by peevish me.

I did manage to make a concerted effort to grab some photos of the season's colors. Here is a photo of some banners hanging downtown. Tonight, as I type, a big storm is blowing in which will bring most of the remaining leaves down from the trees. I've posted a few to flickr, to comfort me in the months ahead.

13 October, 2010


Blimey, it has certainly been awhile since I've put up anything relating to my actual life, hasn't it? In my head, I've written many, many posts. I just haven't done the tedious typing and posting part. Why hasn't Steve Jobs had his minions develop some sort of psychic internet posting app? Hm? Actually, now that I think about it, that would be a pretty bad idea for a variety of reasons. (the future = UNPOST! UNPOST! UNPOST!)

To sum up all the time elapsed between way back then and the here and now, a list of what got in the way. I'm afraid it is a boring read.

1. Kids
2. Work
3. Volunteering at the kids' school
4. Cooking
5. Cleaning (not enough)
6. fun things (hiking, natch. having friends over, riding my bike, lounging about on the weekends)
7. Reading
8. Planning knitting projects. Cool, crisp weather and the sight of Malabrigo worsted merino inspires me to get started on more hats.
9. Not blogging. Not taking enough photos, especially of the absolute gorgeous perfection of the autumn colors. The maples are killing me with their showiness. They look like they are on fire, especially when the sun is behind them. Have I bothered to walk down the street with a camera? No.
But hey, back in October 2008, I made these:

01 October, 2010

someecards.com - I assume Obama's doing a good job since the biggest douchebags in the country think he's doing a bad job