29 December, 2010


I've been a bit verklempt today. Sugarbear brought me to the edge of tears with her superlative praise of the flapjacks I cooked for brunch. She called them "Outstandingly goody-awesome ".

Then I read an excerpt from Jacques Pepin's memoir. (Scroll down that page to get to the excerpt.) His nostalgic descriptions of childhood moments, some difficult and some sweet, caught me off guard. His affection for his still-living! mother ("beautiful, effervescent"), father and brothers is so apparent.   France during a world war? Wonderful food? Iconic and adorable chef? This book seems right up my alley.

Finally this afternoon, while I was cooking Bolognese sauce, I heard this wonderful story on PRI's The World. Soul Call is downloading now. Apparently I needed to answer that call. 


Mrs Jones said...

I'm finding that as I get older I'm turning into a weird mixture of hairy-chinned curmudgeon and pathetically weepy girly. I think as the much-longed-for menopause is hoving into view my hormones start ricocheting all over the place, like a badly organised firework display and it's a bit bewildering. Yesterday found me sobbing over a youtube video of people opening their christmas present to find a puppy inside - look, here it is (you'll need hankies, be warned) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDgh14043dA&feature=player_embedded - and then, THEN, they only went and put Dr Zhivago on the telly this afternoon. *sigh* . And to think Ripley used to be heroine....

peevish said...

Oh, Mrs. Jones, that video is a good one. And Ripley used to be my role model as well. We actually considering naming one of the girls after her. We can go down this slippery path together, I suppose.