29 October, 2009

snow day activity

Here is a little ditty composed by me & the girls via the Swedish Radio. You, too, can gather your clan around the computer for minutes of fun!

26 October, 2009


Remind me to tell you about the time (8 days ago) when we hiked up to Nymph Lake.
More to come.

11 October, 2009


We woke up to a beautiful, snowy scene on Saturday morning. After I cooked up some flapjacks, I grabbed the macro lens and headed out to the backyard. Photos clickable, as always.

Above, you see the flakes piled up on top of the hook on a hanging basket on our deck.
They were just wet enough to stick, balanced up there. These are the flakes which made me grab the camera and venture outside.

While I was working at the farm on Thursday I'd seen just a little bit of snow falling. The weather was a bit warmer, and the stuff falling from the sky wasn't like the snow pictured here. The substance was more like little ice pellets rather than these beautiful, distinctly shaped and floaty flakes. But even so, I remember looking at these tiny bits of ice landing on the ground and thinking "Wow, how many of these things would it take to make even 1 inch of accumulation?". I just know I can't count that high. So when I looked out of the window Saturday morning and saw 4 inches of snow on the deck railing, it seemed truly miraculous.

Honestly, I'm a little bit tired of tomatoes. I KNOW. I can't even believe I'm typing that.
But it's true. I also know that, come February, the merest thought of a home-grown tomato will make me salivate.

After a protracted search through all the closets and the disco ("where in the world did I put those snow boots??") the girls got themselves all bundled up. They played in the yard until they were frozen. It took about an hour. Then they came inside for hot chocolate (which Mr. Man figured out is the solution to the Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle. Sorry if that spoils it for you. It took him all of half a second to solve.).

Why must it be eaten like soup, with a spoon, hm? HM?

I don't know about you, but a cold and snowy day makes me want meat and simple carbohydrates. So I set about making gingerbread cookies (hey, I found snowflake cookie cutters at target!), Bolognese sauce, and focaccia. The entire family pitched in to ice, ice these babies.

It also seemed like a good day to paint fingernails. Somehow, Mr. Man escaped that fate. I'm a little surprised he didn't demand his turn.

Oh yeah, I also made it to the Farmers' Market. It was a sad little market, with only about 8 or 9 vendors braving the weather. Poor things, they were so cold! And there their produce was freezing while I shopped. But I brought home some lovely brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips, yukon gold potatoes, onions, shallots, and an enormous winter squash ( I think it is a golden hubbard).

Well, that was MY Saturday. What did you do with yours?

04 October, 2009

Whip It (2009) Trailer

I ventured out of the house today to go sit in a dark movie theatre. This film was a tonic for my sad, tired, 44 yo, recovering from the flu-assed self. I highly recommend it to any former Austinites who happen to be rather desperately missing your best friends/hometown/Mom/reckless, feckless, punk rock youth. Wait, is that too specific? Well, it did feel sort of custom-made to grab me. <&hearts>

03 October, 2009

and then, there was one

I'm recovering, slowly, from this flu. Junebug has just begun her bout with it, complaining (mildly) of sore throat, headache, sneezing and loss of appetite. That leaves only Mr. Man in this household who has yet to succumb. Surely it is only a matter of days before he falls prey. So the bug and I are laying low at home this Saturday morning, working puzzles and listening to Of Montreal on the hi-fi. I've dispatched the Man and the Sugarbear to my beloved Farmers' Market to buy a few things. Flowers. Eggs. Tortillas. Baby squash (you will know them as butternut squash), some for me to cook and some for the Bear to mother.

**Update** I wrote that earlier today and was unable to post it due to the instability of Firefox's latest version (Shiretoko. I hate you, Shiretoko.). Is anyone else having issues with this? Maybe it's a Linux thing. Anyway, now it's afternoon and the Man & the Bear are off gathering dal and saag paneer and naan, oh my. And bagels. And Monsters VS. Aliens. One thing I know is that applying a thick layer of TV viewing makes almost every illness more tolerable. That's why hospital rooms have TV's. I myself have lately enjoyed A Good Woman (on the Roku. It's a remake of Lady Windermere's Fan), as well as Glee & Modern Family via hulu on the laptop. All good.

As promised long ago, here are the bug's new peepers.

Sugarbear was so jealous of Bug's new ones that she'd taken to wearing bug's old glasses. We didn't like that because they are prescription lenses after all. But she insisted on wearing them. So I popped out the lenses, and now she wears them to school every day. Presumably she does it in preparation for the day when she will need real ones. Won't it be funny if she ends up with perfect vision, unlike anyone else in our family?