27 February, 2009

26 February, 2009

/ thepenismightier \: / willful willow

Do yourself a favor. Go over to Brandon's place.

/ thepenismightier \: / willful willow

25 February, 2009

a mash note to my new favorite food

You light up my life. Well, actually, you heavy down my life in the best way possible. And I love you for it.

19 February, 2009

Vetmommy visit, the last part. You're welcome.

The next morning (Sunday) we ate a wonderful breakfast of cream scones, lemon curd, bacon & some of our grass-fed organic beef sausage before heading up to Lily Lake. The drive rendered Anna carsick, but she perked right up in the crisp fresh air. It was gorgeous and sunny, if a bit windy. The wind died down pretty soon, though, so we thoroughly enjoyed our trek around, and over, the lake. When last we were there (in late December) the lake looked like this:

This time the lake was completely frozen over.

I wonder what the trout do all winter?

The following day we drove to The Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see dinosaur bones. Unbeknownst to us, President Obama would grace this very place the next day, where he would sign the stimulus package. We all enjoyed a busy day at the museum, and a yummy meal at Sherpa's Adventurer's restaurant that night. Mr. Man ate yak.

On Tuesday we didn't plan too much, just a trip to see one of the hundreds of prairie dog towns in our immediate vicinity, and a brief visit to the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center. After lunch at the Pump House, it was time for our guests to leave for the airport. We bid them a fond Adieu, and a big thank you for such good times!

xo, and here is another slide show, which may start working soon. I hope.

Valentine's Day

This being Part 2 of the Vetmommy visit posts. We were blessed with just enough snow Friday night to have an extended snowball war on Saturday morning. We mostly stayed at home that day, except for some errands. Jenn & I went out for thrift store hiking boots and Cheese Importers provisions. These included an assortment of delicious goat cheeses, olives, and chocolates. That night we made pizza and salad and drank yummy wine. After the kids were in bed we played Apples to Apples, at Anthony's request. Here is a little slide show of how much fun we had. Click to embiggen.

18 February, 2009

Part One

I don't have the time right now to tell the entire story, so I'll just pop in to say this. Yesterday we wrapped up a huge, chaotic long weekend full-to-bursting with friends & fun. Last Friday brought the arrival from Austin of the Vetmommy clan, just in time for an inch or two of fresh snow. We went and did and talked and played and ate and drank. Our friends brought 12 amazing bottles of wine, 4 of which we hadn't managed to open before they left. They also brought a gorgeous head of deliciously sweet green cabbage from their garden. So good with just a bit of vinaigrette! As if all that isn't enough, they also brought Meyer lemons from their tree, some of which Jenn turned into lemon curd, the opulence of which words fail to adequately describe. Details to follow, so I'll just insert some photos for now.

11 February, 2009

I've been hoping it would.

It snowed last night. Several inches of fluffy powdered sugar covered everything this morning.

Like the basketball hoop in our driveway.

Here's the view from our living room window, looking across the street.

These are the trees in our backyard, frosted.

Of course we were drawn out to admire all the sparkly light. L. left this on the floor, deposited by her new snow boots. We watched while it melted, which took all of 2 minutes.

Much of the snow is gone already. The sun is shining mightily and the temperature is up to 47 degrees. But it never stops feeling magical to us, to wake up to the soft whiteness of it.

07 February, 2009

how did we amuse ourselves at the school district's Technology Fair?

I'd forgotten how boring those types of events are for the non-participants. And even for the participants. R. was presenting a project from her school, while we mostly hung out and waited. And waited. And ran some errands. And came back and waited some more. So L. spent lots of time playing with my phone and with her little stuffed dog. She played games (pacman & sudoku). She typed notes. And she shot photos of Mr. Man & me making faces.

After putting in our 4 or 5 hours, we had pizza.

Mmm. Pepperoni.

Tomorrow: Science fair project, stage 2: Execution and documentation.
Ingredients: cardstock, balloons, cotton balls, q-tips, paper clips, polar fleece, and sundries.

And: All (God help us, hopefully!) stages of Valentine preparation and construction.
Ingredients: cardstock (again!), glue, rubber stamps, ink pads, glitter.

Wish me luck!

03 February, 2009

Enlighten Up! Trailer (Yoga Movie)

This looks very honest and interesting. I heard about the film this morning on Colorado Matters, a local public radio show. The main guy in the film (Nick) now lives in Boulder.

More about the film here.

01 February, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Relaxing, reading (Stephen Fry, Moab is my Washpot. ♥!!!), and playing around with some new apps on my iphone. One is called Polarize, and renders fake polaroids. The subject? A balloon, forgotten last night and rediscovered this morning hovering over a heating vent. Commonplace magic, and apparently endlessly fascinating, even downright hypnotic, for a simple-minded fool such as I. Michael just came in as I'm typing this, and reminded me that all morning, every time the heat would come on, we would pause our conversations to watch the balloon. Like a little meditation break.

Another fun app I installed a couple of days ago does multi-frames, like a photo booth. The girls can't get enough of it!

Watch the tongue!

Here's wishing you all a wonderfully lazy Sunday as well, with some commonplace magic thrown in for good measure.