02 July, 2008

from a reporter beloved by me & Sinda

Eleanor Beardsley reports for NPR from France, this time about school lunches.


Sinda said...

I *do* love Eleanor! And now I want to go to that school. Or just, you know, France.

mr man said...

I love the notion that they're buying everything (or at least a lot of things locally). That, and feeding school kids mussels.

Jennifer said...

Interesting. When I took the kids to see the pediatrician, she recommended AGAINST the school lunch - I pack lunches anyway because I am horrified at what our school serves (and the amount of non-recyclable waste generated, but that's another issue). In Italy I talked to my friend Romina about this issue, and she was shocked that school lunches are not healthy - it is required there for kids to eat at school as part of their early childhood learning, but they feed meals prepared in house, and of course local, and for about $3 a meal. She showed me a school menu, and it made me hungry.