29 June, 2007

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

Again, thanks to VSL, and again to Sinda for introducing me to VSL, saying "This is right up your alley" or "Baby, you dig it the most" or something like that.

28 June, 2007

If I don't post for a few weeks, you'll know Sugarbear won

Every night at bedtime, L. begs me to sleep with her in her bed. And every night I say, "No, honey." It is sometimes temping, especially when I'm exhausted, or we don't have anything new from Netflix. Also, this is when she is at her most seductive, filling my face with endless soft and sweet kisses, sometimes so soft I can barely feel them. So it isn't always easy to say no, though usually the promise of a glass of wine or watching an episode of 30 Rock with Mr. Man is enough to break her spell.

But last night she put a whole new spin on the routine. She said "Mama, I think I will just trap you in my room and you will have to live in here forever!". To which I replied, "What do you mean, like a pet?". She said "Yes. Don't worry, we will bring you food and drinks so you won't die.".

How thoughtful.

I love my Holga!

Now if only I could afford to spend $200 for 100 rolls of this Agfa RSX (hey, that's only $2 a roll!), I'd be in Heaven.

Or at least I'd be really, really happy for a while.

27 June, 2007

Is this related to the rain somehow?

Sugarbear woke me up at 6:30am again! this morning because she was worried. She came to my bed and said "Mama, I just pooped alot and now my butt hurts. And...(she scratches her head while figuring out what she wants to say and I wait)... I can't feel my scalp!"

yes, I have changed my profile name to Peevish.

I believe in truth in advertising.

26 June, 2007

Go wish Krispy a Happy Birthday

She is sometimes found here.

Seen above with the buxom & fetching Sinda during our famous Mother's Day Trip in aught 5, when she was beautifully preggers. It is still my favorite photo of her.

Have a great day, Kris, despite all the slipping in pee & rain-drenched swimming lessons.


rain, rain, go away

This morning as I was listening to KUT, John Aielli told me that, as of today, we are 14 inches ahead of normal for our annual rainfall total. We have already had 31 inches so far this year, and in a normal year we get 36 total inches of rain. Blimey.

doubles from across the pond

Remember a long time ago when I said Janette (who lives on The Isle of Wight) and I were shooting another roll of doubles? Well, they've been finished for awhile but I keep forgetting to post some here. You can see some others on Flickr, and all of them at my Lomohome (there is a link on the right sidebar), but these are my very favorites from this roll:

22 June, 2007

Oh, man, I don't know if I can wait until December!

And this trailer even shows his perfectly-formed ass!

Oh, yeah, Eva Green is also in it.

what is UP?

Is it global warming or what? What is going on with this weather? Here we are, primed to spend all day at the pool with our friends, our last summer with these particular friends, mind you, and this is what the weather forecast looks like on my Google Homepage:

73°F, highs this week in the high 80's
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: N at 0 mph
Humidity: 88%

We live in central Texas, people. Hot and dry, everyone knows it. That is what people expect when they come here. They are sometimes taken aback at the high humidity, but it doesn't rain
in June, goddammit. Ever. Okay, sometimes, but most years it is such a rare occurrence that when it does, we dance for joy because it revives some of the less hardy plant specimens and cools things down to the low 90's. But this year? We have had so much rain that my yard is a jungle, even with fairly regular mowings. Honeysuckle vines are out of control, the Bermuda grass has gone (crazy) to seed, with seed stalks 3 feet high. On Wednesday we enjoyed a brief break in the rain to dash to the Farmer's Market where pickin's were slimmer than normal because the constant rain has kept farmers from getting out to harvest their crops! And the tomatoes which were for sale were, while delicious, all cracked from swelling up with the damned
rain! One bright spot has been these guys:

Our front garden is mostly devoted to butterflies, so we try to have lots of nectar plants & host plants, like this fennel. Last weekend, we actually saw a black swallowtail butterfly laying her eggs on this plant. Cool! There are caterpillars on our Italian parsley plants, too. SO exciting! Except that I always lose track of them right before they chrysalize, so we don't get to see them go through metamorphoses. But, once we have moved, I will certainly miss sitting on my front porch and watching the butterflies float from Prairie Verbena to Lantana, from Cosmos to Phlox.

I was gonna write something metaphorical about how we will meet and nurture new, exotic butterflies in Colorado, but it was so saccharine that I threw up in my mouth a little bit and gave up.

Anyway, I never thought I would wish for more sunshine in the summer (what am I thinking?), but bring it on.

13 June, 2007

Flight Of The Conchords - The Humans Are Dead

Are you tired of them yet?

I'm not.

Flight of the Conchords- Albi (racist dragon)

I also love this one.

Flight of the Conchords- Business Time

My current obsession.

11 June, 2007

time blurring by

I notice it has been more than a week since I wrote a proper post instead of just pointing you toward something I had enjoyed. Summers are normally so lazy and slow that I can lose track of time. This summer has that feeling, but added in to it is an itchy, keyed-up nervousness that comes with the knowledge of vast quantities of change looming on the horizon.

Every day starts out the same way, trying to wake up slowly and failing. Kids do that to you.
So I have some coffee and things come in to focus. I let the girls watch some PBSkids so I can get on the NordicTrack for 30 minutes and have a shower. Then we decide what will happen that day. So far we've been to the pool at least 3 times. Austin has these fantastic free public wading pools which are only 2 feet deep at the deepest part. I can pack up all the crap which mustneeds accompany us, slather sunblock onto the children, and we're set for 3 or 4 hours. I don't even have to bring my swimsuit this year, as the girls are now old enough to stay alive on their own. For me, I pack a lawnchair, Dwell magazines and my knitting and then I'm happy for hours. It is especially nice for me to have the chance to catch up with people I haven't seen all the long school year. This is one of the things I will miss about living here: the history I have with my small communities, like the Shipe Park wading pool folk. Many of the kids attend different pre- and elementary schools during the bulk of the year, so summer is all about getting reacquainted with them.

This week I'm having a vacation from summer vacation. The girls are staying at their Grandma's house while they get swimming lessons. So this morning is oh so quiet at my house. I'm listening to Brian Eno's Ambient One at the moment. So caaaaalming. We are taking advantage of our child-free status by seeing lots of loud movies. Yesterday we went to see Pirates #3 (pretty disappointing) at the Drafthouse, which I'll miss terribly when we're gone. When will they open one in Colorado?
So to make up for it we saw (at home, listening through the stereo loudly! because the kids weren't there) Tenacious D: the Pick of Destiny. I found it to be much funnier than Borat and not nearly so cringe-inducing. Jesse: You. Must. See. This. movie! I kept saying to myself, Jesse would love this!

You may have noticed I said something about "vast quantities of change looming" in the first paragraph. It is official: Mr. Man signed the paper to authorize his company to initiate the relocation. We could still back out if some other, really spectacular, offer comes along. But the children are already starting sentences with, "When we move to Colorado...". And of course, now that it is really heating up here, those mountains are calling my name. And I've started knitting again. Now is the time for list after list of everything we need to do before July, and another list for August. Junebug's birthday is coming up, and Mr. Man's, along with most of our posse who were almost all born in the summer. Anyway, you should see my "To Do" list. It is daunting. But I'm also excited, more so now that it is a sure thing. Probably. Now we just need to find a place to live, and someone to rent our house, and pack and purge. Think of anything we might want from IKEA, since there isn't one in the whole state of Colorado. Buy a case of salsa from El Chile. Etc.

p.s. If you are getting ready to spend a day at poolside, the way we often do in summer, don't forget to pack an assload of food. Because you know all that swimming & sweating makes the kids ravenish. There is one food item you may not have considered for this sort of outing, and let me recommend it to you right now. Bacon. That's right, I said bacon. This is Junebug's favorite food, so I packed some leftover bacon for a jaunt to the pool last Friday. It was perfect! Nice and salty, it doesn't have to be kept cold, and is a guaranteed conversation-starter for those other parents. After Junebug took a turn around the pool chomping on a long strip of bacon, which looked so bizarre and appealing, the other kids turned back to their little piles of Goldfish crackers and raisins and then looked up at their parents asking "Why? Why didn't we bring bacon??" Luckily we had enough to share.

Above: The Junebug chewing a mouthful of bacon.

06 June, 2007

this is pretty cool

This is the video for Fujiya & Miyagi's song "Ankle Injuries". Inventive & entertaining, it will make you see ordinary dice in a whole new way.
What would I do without VSL? The song is from Fujiya & Miyagi’s Transparent Things CD.
Take a look.

05 June, 2007

Kevin Charnas: And Her Cup Driveth Over...

I often read this blog and laugh out loud. Today I had a quieter, more thought-provoking, head-nodding-in-agreement kind of reaction to it. I wonder what you will feel about it?

Kevin Charnas: And Her Cup Driveth Over...

02 June, 2007

again with the header

Why, oh why can I not get this fucking image centered within the fucking frame??
Every time I adjust the pixel # to try & make the frame grow, it only grows on the right side.

I barly-rue the day I ever decided to customize my template. And does anyone know how to tell the blogger nanobots to use lowercase letters instead of all caps?